Birth Control – Male Methods

Conventionally, birth control methods for men include vasectomies and condoms. Nowadays, there are birth control shots for men contraception, which have been made. This came about because the procedure of vasectomy has been found to be inaccurate. Recent studies found it not to be foolproof. In fact, there is a high chance of becoming infertile for the rest of your life. Thus, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to making hormonal inhibitors or pills that are lucrative options for the men birth control.

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This is a recent development that has been introduced in the U.S. a renowned Indian Scientist visualized this particular idea. In this method, a man is injected with a medication that reduces sperm count. Moreover, it disables spermatozoa that traverse through sperm pathways.

These injections consist different chemicals that formulate gels against sperms. The life of gel is estimated to be between 10 to 15 years. Therefore, after injection, it remains viable for an extended period. This method has proved to be 100% effective.

This male birth control shot is still under trial is many other countries such as India. For some time, the sperm reduction potential of the injection was regarded as a toxic side-effect. However, after extensive research and laboratory analysis, it was found to be lucrative enough.

Why it is not popular

This injection does not have a lot of financial benefits as compared to women birth control. The main reason for this is that it remains viable for a very long time. This eliminates the need for other contraceptive techniques such as condoms. Just like other contraceptive methods, this injection does not provide protection against STDs. It is great for a couple that does not want a baby shortly.

What the injection comprises

This injecjmkb4r2w5dt6yed7u2u29tion involves implanting Intra Vas Devices (IVD). These devices block sperms. The method is very similar to vasectomy. The main difference is that there is no operation involved. The other difference is that a tube is plugged instead of cutting vas deferens. In this way, sperm flow is stopped. There are continued studies to find out whether men can impregnate once the plugs are removed.

The procedure also involves the application of heat to the testes. This induces infertility. Moreover, ultrasound waves are used to stop sperm production. However, lots of questions are yet to be answered. Tough questions are based on the economic viability of methods used. Before opting for this method, you should research wisely and consult your doctor.…