Dental Care

Causes of Teeth Darkening

There are many causes, and common ones are aging, genetics, excessive fluoride, antibiotic staining, old fillings and consumption of staining substances such as colas, tea coffee, and cigarettes.

How teeth whitening works

The whitening gel is placed over a patient’s teeth in a tray. The active ingredient in the gel (carbamide peroxide) is broken down, as oxygen enters the enamel, the stained teeth are bleached.

Whitening takes time

For most people who undergo the process, whhn36edy2ue8di29eo02ether via the available dentist or home whitening systems, there is a significant period that is needed to achieve best results. Results do not appear after the first or second treatment, but it takes weeks or months before complete results are seen. (for home treatments). For dentist treatments, results are achieved much faster than home-based treatments. However, it usually requires some appointments before a patient achieves the desired results.

Dentist Treatments work best

The most efficient way to whiten teeth is dentist treatment. Dentist sessions last for about 30 to 60 minutes. A dentist uses a special type of bleaching system that is not available for home based treatments. After the first session, the patient will notice considerable improvements, but the majority of the people will require several appointments with the dentist to achieve the best results they want.

Home treatments are cost effective but take longer to achieve results. There are several methods available for home treatments. A patient can find most of these in pharmacy stores, department stores, beauty stores, healthy stores, and grocery.

Some home treatment products cost under $50 and the common types are rinses, toothpaste, trays, and strips. Trays and strips contain a high concentration of the whitening compound while the treatments last for half to few hours. Rinses and toothpaste are used for few minutes a few times a day but take around three months to show best results. One has to wear strips for a half an hour two times a day for two weeks while trays are worn for some hours in a day for one month.

Results are not permanent

The results jmkwed6t62eyd72u2828last for approximately four to six months dependent on the method of treatment used and also vary on the person. Also, the type of beverages and foods that one consumes as well influence the period that the teeth stay white.

Warnings about teeth whitening

Various people should not attempt whitening their teeth due to the potential risk factors. These people include; people with sensitive teeth or gums, pregnant women and people with health problems such as gum disease, worn out enamel, and exposed roots.